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Kids Birthday Piņatas!

Birthday Party Supply has plenty of kids birthday piņatas for both boys and girls. Just the right birthday piņata for a boys birthday party or girls birthday party to be a hit. We have kid's birthday party piņata supplies for almost any occasion. Piņatas come in all shapes and sizes. Pull string piņata comes with all the trimmings. Add a birthday piņata to your list and watch the fun kids will have and remember for years to come. A piņata for any event or gathering is always filled with surprises.

Birthday Child: Age: 4-7 Gender: M 

Our son was thrilled when we set up his Batman pull string birthday piņata. The toys stayed in place until it was time to start pull the strings. The toys we put inside were safe and of good quality. Thanks. Stephanie
Treasure Chest Pinatas
Treasure Chest
Birthday Piņata
When planning your children's birthday party, don't forget their favorite party game. Children always enjoy the thrill of opening a piņata on their birthday and seeing the surprises fall down. We have over 150 different pull string  birthday piņatas in our kids birthday party supplies online store. 

Birthday Piņata For a Birthday or Just Plain Ole Fun!!

Birthday or Just Plain Fun Piņatas! Pull one magical string on this birthday piņata and watch as your piņata treasures rain down. We have many piņata fillers....

1st Birthday Pull String Pinatas
1st Birthday Pull
String Birthday Piņatas
Sponge Bob Pinata
Sponge Bob
Birthday Piņatas
Pokemon Pull String Pinata
Pokemon Pull
String Piņatas
Dragon Pull String Pinatas
Dragon Birthday Pull
String Birthday Piņatas
Duck Pinatas / Party Favors 
Duck Birthday
John Deere Pinata
John Deere Tractor Pinata
Curious George Pull String Party Pinatas
Curious George Birthday Pull
String Piņatas
Batman Pinata
Batman Pull
String Piņata

Disney Princess
Birthday Piņata
Pink Pony Party Pinatas
Pink Pony
Party Piņatas
Super Mario Pinata
Super Mario Bros.
BIONICLE Birthday Pinatas
Pull String Pinatas
Dora Birthday Pull String Pinata
Dora Birthday
Pull String Birthday Pinata
Build A Bear Pull String Pinata
Build A Bear
Pull String Birthday Pinata
Butterfly Pull String Pinatas
Pull String Pinatas
Firefighters / Fire Truck Pull String Pinata
Firefighters / Fire Truck
Pull String Pinata
Cow Party Pinatas
Cow Birthday
Party Pinata
Spiderman Pull String Pinata
Spiderman Pull
String Pinata
 Horse Pinata
Horse Pinata
Cone Hat Party Pinatas
Cone Hat
Party Pinatas
Tinker Bell Pinata
Tinker Bell 3-D
Birthday Pinata

Fish Pinata
Angel Fish Pinata
Pinata Pull String Kits
Pinata Pull String Kits
Pull-String Pinata Kit

Turn your pinata into a pull-string for a gentler pinata activity. Kit includes trap door release and 20 pull strings. $2.99
Dog Bone Pinata
Dog Bone Piņata
Birthday Child: Age: 4-7 Gender: M

Batmobile Pull-String Piņata
The piņata turned out great. My son loved it and the kids had the fun of a piņata without using a bat. It arrived intact with no damage.
Birthday Child: Age: 1-3 Gender: M

Baby Einstein Pull String Piņata
I ordered this piņata and it came exactly when they said it would and it looks exactly how it does online. I love this piņata, and I have not seen this on any other site.
Birthday Child: Age: 4-7 Gender: F 

This piņatas was the greatest! Usually an adult ends up having to hit the traditional style piņatas hard enough to let the candy out, but one of the last pull strings did it, and only the kids were involved. I am looking for another one for my 4-year-old daughter and wish you had more choices. Caroline McGill
Birthday Child: Age: 1-3 Gender: F 

My daughter loved the Dora the Explorer birthday pinata. I thought all of the goodies we put in it would fall out with the tug of the first piņata string, but they didn't. Only when the last string was pulled did the treats fall to the floor. All of the children loved it!! The youngest child was under 1 and the oldest, my daughter, was just turning 4. So, it is great for slightly older children as well!! I only wish it was red like the real thinking chair on Blues Clues. Connie
Birthday Child: Age: 4-7 Gender: M 

The batman piņata was a big hit at our 5-year-old's party, especially with a 3-year-old sibling. A pull string pinata is wonderful. We had no trouble with extra strings coming off. It was so nice to avoid the danger of whacking with a stick, and better for inside the house, too. And the best part of all was an intact piņatas to hang up in her room. 

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What's most important to the kids? Friends, goodies, gifts and great playful fun time!. Our party theme packages include all the basics for a risk-free party and you can add matching kids birthday costumes. Enjoy faster shopping and plan all your parties from just one site. Birthday Party Supply has all your kids birthday party supplies with over 200 birthday party theme favorites with matching pinatas and pull string pinatas for the kids plus party planning tips and much, much more!!

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